Thursday, July 18, 2013

Volleyball Camp

This week has been volleyball camp for Kendall at the Middle School. It’s 3rd-8th grades, and with the 7th and 8th grade coaches, so it was a good chance for her to get exposure to her fall coaches.

It started slow on Monday, though she worked hard and was sweating. Tuesday was better, and yesterday she looked good. They were finally playing some games and Kendall moved well. I caught her making a few nice blocks.

First they practiced:


Then in the game, I saw Kendall really get up there. If the other kids could spike (then usually hit it high), she would have gotten some contact.


Today they did some diving stuff and more game play. Kendall moved well, and made an effort to play.


At one point she caught a short hit near the net and dinked it right back over. The return was soft and she jumped up and hit it hard back down. She really looked good and I wish I’d had a camera then.

Now I’m excited to see how she does tonight at the church and really excited for fall.

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