Friday, July 5, 2013

Bad Things Come in Twelve's?

Yesterday the Jones family decided to spend the day in Winter Park. We’d talked about it Wednesday, and we had a plan. After feeding horses, I went to the store to gas up the truck and get cat food, arriving back to find Tia chatting with a friend who’d come to visit. Because of that, we left late (1).

On the drive to the mountains, we hit a lot of traffic (2), I guess because of the tunnel work. We were delayed quite some time, moving at 11mph for about 9 miles, according to the info sign. Tia was hungry with the delays, and we pulled off in Idaho Springs, thinking to grab food. With the holiday, however, every place was too crowded (3), with longs waits, and we decided to go one more exit for Subway. We get to Subway, and go in, waiting in line at the gas station branch next to the Breeze ski rental. Kendall finds out as she orders there’s no white bread (4) and no cucumbers (5, Tia took the last ones), but we all make do, get food and head to Winter Park.


We arrive and get tickets for mini-golf, which Tia can do, and the Alpine slide for Kendall. As she gets in line and we sit under a sail, it starts raining and they cancel sliding (6). We sit for a few minutes and then Kendall sees kids bungee jumping and wants to do that. We get get tickets, walk back to the line and lightning flashes. The ride closes (7).


We laugh a little, and eventually things close as it’s after 5. We pack up and head to the park in Frasier where there are cookouts and fireworks planned. Driving up we see no fireworks because it’s dry (8). We decided to head back to Denver, play some golf there and watch fireworks. On the way through Winter Park, I want to stop for coffee since I’m tired. We park and Kendall and I walk up to Starbucks at 6:05. It’s closed (9). No coffee.


We drive back to Park Meadows. We pull up at the mini golf place, where people are playing. We get out, walk up and it’s 8:02. They closed at 8:00 (10). We drive over to the mall, where the kids have been wanting to go for a few days. It’s closed (11). At this point we aren’t sure what to do, but think, let’s just see a movie. Delaney pulls up the Despicable Me 2 times for Park Meadows and the theater near our house. 8:10 and 8:15, last showings. It’s 8:15 (12).

We almost bail and go home, but decide to get get some dinner and see a later one at the theater further from the house. We get dinner, everyone gets their first choice, and see the movie.

I guess bad things are limited to 3 per person, even in groups.

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