Thursday, July 25, 2013


Back in Sacramento for work. This time a day early, flying into San Francisco this morning with Kendall. This is her birthday trip vacation for the year, spending 5 days on the road with Dad.

We were up early, getting to the airport and flying through security. With my PRE status, we walked into a line with zero people in it. The Premier line had 30-40 and the regular line hundreds. Kendall thought it was good I had status.

We made it to the gate with about 5 minutes before boarding and got on right away. It was an easy flight, Kendall dozing and listening to music, reading a bit. She didn't have the book she'd been reading, and wanted to hit a bookstore when we arrived.
We drove up to Berkeley, stopping for lunch at North Beach Pizza. Pasta for both of us and Kendall loved it, wanting to go back sometime before we left. From there she napped while I got us up to Sacramento. After checking in, she immediately wanted to hit a bookstore, so I took her over.
She had a book in mind, and we found it, but I convinced her to browse and enjoy the bookstore. I picked out some books, and got her in the habit of wandering the aisles, grabbing something interesting and reading about it. She ended up with a pile of 8 or 9 books.

I told her I'd buy 3, so she whittled  her pile down to 6, giving me the 3 most expensive and purchasing the other 3 herself. Money well spent, I told her, if she reads them and enjoys them.

She got started right away. We got back to the room and she didn't pick up her ipod or laptop, grabbing an apple and reading.

It was 100F in Sacramento and she was going to workout with me on the bike while I hit the treadmill, but with only 2 treadmills and an elliptical, she bailed. Understandable.

I had a good run. Now time to end day 1 with dinner, and some work for me.

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