Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hot Stone

I booked a hot stone massage today. It’s been too long and it felt good to take a break and get a massage. Especially after baseball last night.

We had a rare makeup game, and Wed is definitely better than Saturday. However this did mean it was a night game. We had 11, so I skipped batting. The left elbow is still sore, and I can’t generate a lot of power from the right side. I’ve been batting right, and it’s been going OK, but not great.

I played short the entire game, and it start great. First batter lined one to me and I caught it. The second batter bounced one past the pitcher on my side. I ran up, scooped  it on a bounce and then fumbled it in my glove. I couldn’t get it out and the guy was safe. We gave up a few runs, but got a few back.

It was a decent game. Close, until we lost one inning, giving up 7 or 8. I had a bouncer that got past me on the right, and then a low grounder that I got to, but it scooted under my glove. When I’m running, I just can’t reach the ground and need just a little bounce. I also had a hard grounder come to me and it jumped up, hitting my glove and arm. I picked it up, but then didn’t get it to first in time. I felt bad about that one. There was also a low pop fly behind third. We both chased it and almost collided. I should have called him off. I almost got to a short blooper on the line behind third and was about 10 ft short on one in short center field. I felt good that I got that close. I did pick up a hard grounder late in the game for a third out in the inning.

It was a long game, until 10:30 and I didn’t get home until after 11. It’s hard to see the ball when the lights come on and that’s an area I struggle in. It’s also tiring, but I do think that if we’re going to have two games in a week, Wed/Sun is better than Sat/Sun.

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