Friday, July 5, 2013

On His Own

Delaney left this morning for Seattle, to go to the My Little Pony conference near the airport up there. He's been asking to go for months, and Tia was supposed to go with him, but with her injury, we decided to send Delaney alone. He's spending the weekend with Kyle, and hopefully they'll have a good time.

This is the first time Delaney's flown alone, with no chaperone. We've paid for flight attendants to watch him in the past, but this time he's alone. I got him up and packed, and we drove to the airport. After a quick breakfast, he went through security alone. I watched, but he was doing fine, using the mobile boarding pass on his phone from my account.

I felt anxious, even though I shouldn't be. He's flown lots, he's smart, and he should be able to figure things out. I watched him go through security, and as he was putting his belt back on, I got a thumbs up.
Hopefully a fun weekend for those two.

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