Saturday, July 20, 2013

Parker Family 5K

I've been wanting to run a 5k with Delaney, but keep putting it off and haven't wanted to drive all over Denver early in the morning. I get few enough days to sleep in. However when I saw the flyer at Yoga, I decided this was a good one for Delaney and I.

We were up early, ate, and drove down. I wasn't sure how big or busy this would be, so I wanted to be a little early. I know parking can be a hassle at some races, so I didn't want us to be walking too far. As it was, things were quiet and we parked close, sitting on a bench sipping water after we registered.

After a short walk/jog, we were ready to go.

We both felt pretty good, and when they called the start, we headed off. I fell behind Delaney for the first half mile, as my legs felt a little tight. Delaney was looking good, and at a nice pace. His long legs were pushing him faster than me. I think if he learned to stretch them out and get in shape, he'd be a sub 20 minute 5k person.

I passed him slowly, and when I hit the turnaround, he was only 30 or so yards behind me. We slapped hands and kept going.

Hot and dry, and just after the 2 mi mark, there was a water station and I stopped for 10s to get some water. Then I headed out, struggling. That 2mi mark was strong, but I now know I'm not really in shape to press through a 5k. Two times on the way back I walked for 5 and 10 breaths respectively as I was struggling. I pushed a faster pace for the last 100m, but it certainly wasn't a sprint of any sort. A slow 28:50 for me as I finished, and I was hurting. Walking slowly, sipping water, struggling to relax for 3-4 minutes.

Then I saw Delaney coming. He looked pretty good, though tired.

He finished strong, pushing himself for the last section, and tired when he finished. 33:00, not too far behind me, especially considering he was up until 3:00am.

Looking forward to see how we do on Aug 17 for the Elizabeth 5K.

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