Sunday, July 9, 2017

TryOuts–Part 2

All day at the Volleyball facility yesterday, watching girls try out for various teams. I hit the gym early, but had to cut my workout short to race to Rocky Select. The 14s were trying out at 11:00, and I just made it about 10 of. After talking with the director the other night, I need to plan on getting there early, which likely means carrying my laptop to work a bit in Castle Rock over the winter to ensure I’m ready.

We had a nice turnout of 14s, and some good prospects. We had offered 3 girls spots the other day, and one turned things down, but I wish we’d just offered two because there were a lot of choices.

The other coach and I ended up getting 4 or 5 girls we liked, and after all the tryouts, we narrowed this down to 4 girls to offer. However, later, over a beer, we added another. We need 11, have 6 (I think), so we’ll see what happens. Lots of raw talent and work to be done to coach them up.

I stuck around since the director bought lunch and I assumed Kendall was coming later to the 17s. The 15s and 16s were interesting and it was good to see girls I helped coach last year working hard and trying to showcase themselves as good choices for the coming year. I helped out with some drills, and got the chance to push and press girls a bit to work hard.

When the 17s came, I actually hit some balls and has they worked harder, I hit harder. A few went off chests and even the side of a few faces, but that’s the game. They’ll see some of that at higher levels, so they need to be ready.

Kendall was too tired after Friday’s two workouts, but it was still a good tryout. I can almost guess most of her team at the 17 Select level, but we’ll see. Her coach was helping out and she was a bit tough with girls, which is what Kendall wants.

Afterwards, I had the chance to talk about things and discuss coaching and girls with the director, which is always enlightening for me. He’s an amazing coach and tough, but fair. I’ve learned a lot from him and looking forward to learning more in the next year or two.

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