Monday, July 17, 2017

Fixing Healthcare

First, I have no idea how to fix the US healthcare system.

Second, the Trumpcare proposal is a mess. Of course, the ACA has issues, and we are seeing problems with insurance costs. I have friends that are upset and see this as a huge failure, but I’d argue that many of them also had artificially low insurance rates before the ACA, slipping through life without major medical issues. We had plenty of problems and dramatically rising insurance rates in the decade before the ACA.

To the GOP, healthcare is much more complex than you realized, and you are seeing some of the failure of the last 7 years of GOP legislative effort. Holding repeal votes without making any substantial progress for a different plan was a mistake. Repeating the rapid passage and minimal debate times of the ACA is also a bad idea.

To the Democrats, you appear to be repeating the GOP strategy of blocking as best you can and providing no alternatives. Why haven’t we seen legislation introduced that could help the ACA? Who cares if the GOP won’t pass it? Provide some real alternatives and stop talking about bipartisan efforts. Make the effort yourself.

I would support some form of single payer system. I can’t see how we humanely provide care for all Americans otherwise. This works in the UK, and despite the complaints, people get care. They can also pay for more care. I’ve seen various notes about other countries as well, but these systems do work.

I’d also like to stop hearing about my friend saw this or other anecdotal stories. There are always people gaming the system. There are always people slipping through the cracks. That happens in the US as well. We should look to make the system work for most people and provide options for everyone.

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