Monday, July 17, 2017

Finally, A Swimmer Again

On Saturday I had planned to swim early in the morning. Tia was leaving the house at 6am for the horse show and I was thinking to leave with her, stop by the pool and swim and then meet her at 8.

I didn’t get up until 6, not out of the house until 6:40, and then didn’t want to be late since I was brining some saddle straps Tia forgot. Plus it was raining. So I skipped the gym, planning to go later. When Kendall wanted to leave (it was hot), we drove back together and she dropped me at the gym. That was cool. She took my car to Starbucks, and I went swimming.

The outdoor pool was still closed, but I ended up with a good swim. I started inside, going steady, and feeling good. I did a set of 8 laps and wasn’t too tired. Then I did a set of 10, since I was ok at 8, and finished with a set of 12, feeling strong. 30 laps (35.5 is a mile) and not too tired.

It’s nice to be able to do that. When I started swimming again in May, I struggled with 2 and 3 lap sets. Then I got to 4, with an occassional 5 or 6 lap set. However, once I could do that, moving past 6 becomes easier. I remember going from 6 to 10 without an issue years ago, and at that point, I could easily do 20lap sets.

I’ll either start going longer, or faster. Not sure which I want now, but I’m glad to have options. For most of the summer I’ve struggled to just get through my 20-24 laps, but not I plan on getting back to the pool twice a week and doing 30+ for my workout.

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