Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Working Hard

It’s a hard week at work for sure. I’ve had some slack, light weeks because of various things, but trying to catch up and get ahead this week is tough. It’s hard to get everything done and manage stress, given that I travel the next three weeks.

However, really I wanted to start working hard on my body. I had a light run Thanksgiving day, but then played doubles in a volleyball tournament at Kendall’s club with a 14 year old. I hadn’t expected it, but when a girl showed up without a partner, I joined in. We were in the low bracket, but we took 2nd and she got a prize of socks.

However, I was wearing cargo shorts and my mocs, so not a great setup. I hit my feet hard on the floor a few times and the pad of my foot was sore. Add to that I jumped and came down awkwardly once and slightly twisted an ankle. Not a good day, so I didn’t run that day. I worked a bit, but more I was just tired.

Then Saturday I played again, with coaches in the 3s tournament and worked a bit, but dropped out early when a girl’s sister wanted to play. However, the legs were sore, so I didn’t run. Sunday I did yoga, but that was it, since my feet hurt.

Then Monday. I was feeling sluggish with the lack of activity, so I hit it hard. A jog at lunch, then went to the cycle cross class last night. That was hard, and I’m tired. Today, just a run, and then hopefully another class tomorrow.

Need to get back in better shape.

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