Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Gluten Free

We’ve been working with Kendall on diet, since she’s felt she has a lactose problem. That’s been challenging as I work to find recipes without milk, but I’ve tried. However, she has struggled a bit still, and in doing some research, we now wonder if she has some gluten intolerance.

As we research, we find there are all sorts of issues with gluten, but also that across years, many food producers have added more and more. So the foods I ate as a kid are different than those now, and contain more sugar and gluten.

So we’re trying a few weeks of gluten free eating, which is a challenge. I’ve been looking at recipes and working to find things that Kendall will enjoy and still provide calories and nutrition for her volleyball.

Yesterday I roasted butternut squash and pecans for a salad. Never did those things before. Tonight, I’ll go with steak and potatoes, but definitely need to plan and get a few things ready for tomorrow, another big volleyball day.

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