Saturday, November 5, 2016

First Week of Coaching

I definitely have a sore shoulder.

This week I started helping coach at Rocky Select. I’ve been wanting to do so, and since I’m there with Kendall most of the time, I thought this would be a good year. I’m also going to try and travel less next year, so this is a good year to start.

I’m floating as a coach this year, no specific team. That means that I’m on Kendall’s schedule of Tue/Thur/Sat. When she started Tues, I went. Since her first hour is conditioning, I floated and helped the owner with the 14 Black team. He has a high school kid helping as well, but I end up running some of the drills with him. Lots of ball toss, and just helping out, but we talk about his goals, what I see, what he sees, and I’m learning.

The second 2 hours I’ve been floating with 15 Black. They had 2 coaches Tues, so I was an extra wheel, but Thur one coach was gone, so I ended up hitting a bunch of balls at young ladies. I did change arms a bit so that I didn’t wear one out, but I need to do some work regularly to strengthen things.

Today was position work and then scrimmage. I helped with the outsides, which isn’t really my area, but I’m learning and helping out a bit. Kendall’s coach worked with me today, and then I helped ref and manage the scrimmages while coaches coached.

I’ve avoided Kendall’s team and looking forward next week when the 15 Gold team will be practicing as well and I’ll likely help there a bunch.

A good week, and looking forward to the season.

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