Thursday, November 3, 2016

Provisional Acceptance: Registered Traveller

No, I didn’t misspell that.

I’ve had Global Entry for a few years in the US, and it’s nice. As someone that leaves the US 3-4 times a year and comes back, I’m tired. Global Entry makes for coming back very quick, just about allowing me to avoid any lines. This means, for me, booking shorter connection times since I know I can get through quicker.

However, I haven’t had that privilege in the UK. I’ve debated it a few times, but this year I had long lines at Heathrow a few times when I tried to book flights that matched my needs for business. That’s a change from my past bookings made for my convenience.

There is a registered traveller program for frequent visitors. I’ve been debating about the $100, but after my last trip, I decided to just do it. I applied last week, noting I’ve been to the UK more than 4 times in 2 years (it’s been 7 for me). Today I got my provisional acceptance. That means I should get a card on my next trip (in Dec) and then be able to bypass the lines.

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