Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Feeder Business

The slow feeders I built are working great. So great that a number of Tia's friends want some. I don't really want to build more, as I have other stuff to do, but I thought Delaney might like to make some money, so I asked him if he wanted to build and sell them. I figured he could make $100 or so on each. He did, and we started building some yesterday. I had one more to make for Tia and materials for 2, so Delaney joined me.

I showed him how we assemble things, sanding the wood and screwing things together. He told me that after a few times drilling things together that it was hard on his back. I agreed.

We worked through 1 and 1/2 yesterday, finishing today. We just need some welded rods to hold the grids and a few more grids and he'll have his first sale.

He seemed to enjoy it and it was nice to have him out there with me.

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