Saturday, November 30, 2013

Rowing Again

Back on the rowing machine. I was looking to work and sweat a bit on Thanksgiving and decided to break out the rowing machine. I'd seen a few people over the last months at the gym and I felt an itch.

I did better than expected. I didn't think I'd get a 2:00/500m pace, but I wasn't sure I'd be below 2:20. I actually kept it around 2:14 with a 5 min warmup and then 2 10 minute sets, which felt good.

I also rowed outside, which was nice. I enjoyed it so much that today, after various errands and chores, I broke it out again in the basement, doing the same thing, but keeping just below a 2:10 pace. The leg seems to be holding up OK and I'm working hard for sure. Tired, but I think I could get to 2:05. Trying to get there slowly, and steadily.

It's starting to look like this winter's workouts will be walks, yoga, rowing, and swimming along with snowboarding.

Yesterday was a good day, with Delaney and I going up to Keystone to board for the day. Just the two of us, and we enjoyed it.

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