Monday, November 11, 2013

Outdoor Projects

I thought that I might make yesterday a quiet day, watching some football and relaxing. It’s been an on-the-go weekend, and I was tired.

Friday night was Thor, with Kendall. Tia was sick, so I ended up going out with my daughter, the self-proclaimed “Marvel fan girl” to watch the opening night movie. We both enjoyed it, and it was good. Kendall loved it, somewhat squealing silently in places. Loki stole the scene a few times, and it was good to see this Avengers franchise evolve.

Saturday was a mixed day. Delaney volunteered for the American Legion Food Drive, spending some time out trying to get people to donate food. That was good to see, and I ended up puttering around the house a bit. Nothing major getting done, but not too busy. Afterwards, Kendall and I headed to the snowboard expo. She needs equipment for the season, and we were hoping for sales. Not a lot of equipment, though we did find good boots at a good price. No snowboards or bindings, so I’m still hunting for those.

After driving so much, I was thinking to relax Sunday. However with no good games on early (I watched a touch of Bengals/Ravens, which wasn’t good), I decided to get some work done. I had to help Tia get hay loaded in the am, so I was up. I cleared out the north side of the barn, and dug two holes for a bit of fence. We wanted some wind block to try and help use that stall in blizzards. I planned on a short, 8ft fence near the barn and a 16ft one further out. I just managed to get the first one almost done (need to trim the last bit for the last picket) and drill a hole for the other fence before it got dark. I felt like I accomplished something, but not a lot. I did have lunch with Tia, which was a nice break.

A late night grocery shopping trip, watching some of the Dallas game (they played horrible) completed the night. Tired today, but busy at work, so no time to rest.

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