Thursday, November 28, 2013

A half a week

We headed up to Keystone on Saturday night. Kyle had to work and the kids wanted a real Thanksgiving meal, so our plan was always to come back Wednesday. We stuck with it, though we ended up leaving relatively early on Wednesday to get back and let Tia get some riding in.

Saturday night was arrival, a quick dinner in the condo and watching a movie. A relaxing night after a leisurely pack up during the day. Sunday we got up and moving a little let with Kendall and I going skiing while Tia took Delaney to replace some gear. He's grown so much that his boots and coat were too small. I'd already replaced Kendall's coat and boots earlier this season and gotten her a snowboard.

We took it slow. Our first few runs were on the bunny slope at the top of Keystone. Kendall did pretty well and then wanted to head down the mountain.

She did OK, but we had to go slow, with lots of rests. That was tough on my feet, as the stopping and starting is hard and waiting on my knees is tough. I was sore by the time we completed a 30 min+ run down the mountain.

We met Delaney down there, got some lunch, and then did another run down. Kendall was done at that point, so Delaney and I did a few more before calling it a day. Afterwards, lots of chilling in the condo at night.

Monday we were slow to start moving, which was annoying, but we got going. This time Delaney and I worked with Kendall a bit, going down one of the short greens and having her actually get some skill at snowboarding. She was much better on Monday than Sunday, and was looking good.

We had a few good runs, a nice lunch, and then made it to the bottom, with Kendall doing great.

She had a bad fall near the bottom and decided she'd had enough. I gave her money and she went to a coffee shop in the village for a warm cup latte while Delaney and I did a few more runs. He's gotten much stronger. I followed him down the green and was surprised that he went top to bottom, nearly 3mi, without stopping. A world of difference from the previous years.
We did a few more runs, including a run down the blue, and he was fine. No nervousness. Cautious on some of the steeper slopes and I had to slow for him, but on the easier ones, he was fairly fast. We ended up at 3:30, and went to join Kendall for a drink. A latte for Delaney (my kids like coffee) and an Irish coffee for me to relax with before Tia picked us up. She'd made a roast, and we enjoyed that before a bit of Spades and then Monopoly. The girls dominated that game, driving Delaney and I into debt and out of the game.
Tuesday Kendall felt sick, so it was just Delaney and I. We had a good 3 hours on the slopes, plus lunch before coming back and getting some time in the hot tub for me, and lots of silly air hockey. We laughed and enjoyed the night.
Wednesday I was thinking of skiing, but since we left early, I skipped it. I have lots of chances to go back, and I'll go next week as well. We had an easy drive home, listening to an audiobook on the way. I got back in time to hit yoga at night, which was the hardest class I've taken. With weights, and quick movements, including jumping jacks and pushups, I was beat by the end.
Now it's Thanksgiving. We had fun with relatives in town last night, playing dominos late into the night and then getting up slow. It's been a good break so far.

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