Friday, November 22, 2013

Morning Adventure

A long commute this morning. First, I got up late, kids were slow, and roads were icy. Then another knucklehead driving 32mph down the road made for 50. I get it's a little slick, but this genius was also driving on the snow, and not in the relatively clear tire tracks people had left for him/her.

We get to school and things slow down as there's an accident and a car in a ditch with another on a tow truck. I don't want people speeding, but leave more space and watch out.

On the way back, another slow driver, and another car off the road. A frustrating drive at 30mph again, when 40 was likely fine as this side of the road was even more clear of snow/ice. However, I also had an adventure.

As I got near the the stop sign to turn west, a few cars were stopping. I could see deer crossing the road, so I slowed and stopped as well. A few cleared the barbed wire fence to the East, but one got stuck. The little one was kicking, but its rear legs were trapped. I stopped, put on blinkers, and got out. 3 or 4 other ladies were out of their cars wondering what to do. The deer had stopped at this point, with its rear legs having gotten two strands of wire twisted and trapped. I grabbed my ice scraper, about all I had, and started down the hill. As I got close, the deer started kicking and panicking. I felt bad, but I couldn't stop. Used my ice scraper to pry the wire a bit, not too close to kicking hoofs, and he/she got free and ran off. There were definitely scrapes and cuts from the wire, and hope it wasn't too bad.

Lessons learned:
1. Life in the country is an adventure.
2. Merrill mocs do not work well in 4" of snow. I need to wear boots more.
3. Get some wire clippers in each car. Barbed wire is nasty stuff and it could easily be a horse, dog, cow, etc. trapped out here..

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