Monday, June 24, 2013

The Tesla Swap

I ran across this video from Tesla, thinking it was the replacement time for the battery. To my surprise, it’s a replacement instead of charging things.

It's very impressive, and this is the kind of thing I was hoping would be done with fuel cell technology. Not so much the automated replacement, but that there would be cells, maybe sized like bricks or even jerry cans, which you could slip out of your car and slip in a new one at a filling station. Perhaps you'd need 2 in the car and to "fill up", you'd swap the empty one.

I agree with lots of the commenters that the $60-80 isn’t worth it and changes the dynamics of the car, but if you’re on a trip, maybe you build that into your trip to save time.

I suspect this cost will come down and other people will think about this over time, perhaps finding other ways to do this cheaper and just as fast.

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