Tuesday, June 25, 2013


20130625_091418The VacuTherm 4 isn’t working. This was a very cool device that Tia got last week to automatically cycle through cold and no-cold cycles on a schedule. It also applies pressure to the knee area and has pads to pressure the feet and help blood move back to the core. It’s worked well for a number of days, but last night it started alarming and Tia told me it wasn’t working.

I called around 7, and they said I could meet the guy at 10:30 or he could be out to the house around 1. Tia had ice packs, but I decided to meet him and get the replacement unit and/or wraps. I packed the thing up and headed to the hospital.

I met the guy and he tested everything. He said that not wearing the foot pads can cause issues. We’ve been only using one, so that might have been it. He gave me two sets of new wraps, and I headed home.

We hooked up Tia and it started working again. A neat little machine, and I think it’s helping.

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