Monday, June 24, 2013

Back Home

And glad. I landed Saturday afternoon and made it home, finding the whole family here. It was nice to get home and see Tia. I helped her get clean, and then as I fed horses, the rest of the family took Tia on the ATV to wander around the track and see some horses.

I fell asleep early, mostly because at 8pm, it was 3am for me. I think. Since I was only in London for 42 hours, it's hard to know what time zone I was on. However I was up at 6:15am on Friday, felt OK most of the day, but didn't get to Heathrow and bed until after 10pm. Then I was up at 6:00 again to fly home to the US.

Yesterday was more car time for me. Up early to take Marla to the airport and then I drove up to Boulder with Delaney. I got there around 10:30, let him sleep in the car until a few minutes after 11 and then we got lunch and his haircut. Then it was a drive into the mountains, up to 9000 feet and Tahosa High Adventure camp. Delaney is spending a week there in Big Horn leadership training, learning to be a better leader in Scouts.

He wasn't excited, but I think he looked forward to it. He looks so tall and mature, really starting to look like a young adult and not a kid anymore. He carries himself well, and unlike many camps, I essentially watched him check in and then he walked away with his Patrol leader, his backpack, and left me to head home.

It was a slightly scary drive back down, since on the way up the fuel light had come on. I had 1/4 tank when we left Boulder, but almost immediately it had dropped to 1/8 and then the fuel light pinged as we were still climbing close to camp. Fortunately no one was behind me most of the way and I coasted down the side route back to Boulder, making it to a gas station with who knows how many fumes.

The afternoon had Kendall and I take Tia for a drive, planning on the dog park, but her leg started aching in the car and we knew it wouldn't work. We ended up stopping in a light drizzel at a close trailhead and Kendall and I let the dogs run around a bit with no one around.

I felt better last night, more normal, and I was glad to be back in my own bed.

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