Sunday, December 20, 2015

Day 2 - Kennedy Space Center

We're adjusting to the time. I got up around 7:30 and hit the gym, getting a little workout. I thought about running om the beach, but it was really windy. After a workout, I grabbed some breakfast and brought some up to Delaney, letting him sleep. He was feeling a little sick, so I wanted to give him time.

We then got ready and managed to get out the door a little after 10.

Our first stop was the Atlantis exhibit. There's a huge mockup out front. It' somewhat amazing how large the shuttle is.

The obligatory selfie.

 There's a short movie on the shuttle program, which is neat in that the narrator talks about "we" as in the entire group of people that helps them fly. One it's done, we walk into the main hall, where the actual Atlantis lives. It was brought here after it's last flight and a building built around it.

Lots of  exhibits. Lots of information on the shuttle program, and lots of chances to work simulators for various things.

However it's really amazing how much technology has come out of this work, which is neat to see. Delaney and I had the chance to talk about the exhibits and work done by NASA and it's amazing. They certainly have changed the world.

 Our tour left just after lunch, which we didn't get. however we headed out to the bus, excited to get the close up your of KSC.

 We drove around, getting close to a few of the launch pads. We were at a distance, but could see the SpaceX rocket, which was supposed to launch tonight.

However,  as we went around KSC, it was chilly. And windy. By the time our bus was near the end, we saw the launch was scrubbed. However it's been pushed to tomorrow, so our fingers are crossed.

 There's a lot of swamps just off the road. We saw a few alligators around, which is something I'd be worried about slightly if I worked here. Guess I wouldn't be on any lunchtime runs along the road.

 Some of the technology is amazing. The crawler that moves rockets around is incredible. An amazing sight

The VAB is something. That blue area with stars behind us? The size of a basketball court.

Wow. It's a huge building.

We saw mockups of some things and actual old equipment in other places. Delaney was excited and a bit amazed. I'm hoping that this really energizes him for the future.

 We saw some productions and movies of some things and a memory section for the Challenger and Columbia. Those were very sobering for both of us.

 I'd seen the Saturn V a long time ago, so had Delaney, but he was 2. This time, he was amazed. He knew all kinds of things about it, but he was amazed by the size and scale of the rocket.

 After a bad lunch, we walked around, looking at the history of Apollo. It's an amazing achievement for the US.

 Even I'm amazed. I've been here before, but it's still incredible

The movie of the Apollo launch is amazing. It really generates lots of emotion and pride in the US.

After the Apollo building, we're back to the Atlantis building to see more exhibits and more simulations.

 A good day.

 Very exciting and we booked another tour tomorrow, with finders crossed we'll see a rocket launch in the evening.


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