Friday, December 11, 2015

Back East

Last weekend I had a great trip back East to the DC area. I took my annual trip to speak at an event in Maryland, once again taking my Tia with me. We headed out Friday, leaving the little kids home. Delaney got his license on Thursday, and he was in charge of moving Kendall to a few events, as well as driving himself around.

We were slightly worried, but glad when they let us know they'd made it to school.

An uneventful trip, easily getting to DC and then finding lunch. A brief workout before we had the speaker's dinner on Friday night. That was fun, and it's always nice to catch up with people. Saturday I had two talks that went well. Or at least OK. One was good, one felt flat, but Tia walked in and said it was fine.

Saturday we then headed up to see my brother and hang out with nephews. We had a good time, as we always go.

We don't see them a lot, but we are going to try and get them out (one at a time) to Colorado to spend more time with us. Deven is quite excited, and he'll be the first one to come.

It's amazing to see these boys grow so much. It's been about once a year I see them, and it's incredible how much they change.

A good visit, and some good time away for Tia and I on Monday/Tuesday, getting to be with each other and vacation a little. We haven't done that enough, and with Delaney driving, it's great that we can. We are looking forward to more trips next year while he's home.

After that, another year of busy kid time until Kendall gets her license.

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