Friday, December 11, 2015

2015 Book #72 - Spinward Fringe Broadcast #9

I was excited to hear about  the ninth book in the Spinward Fringe universe, and bought it right away. It took me a few weeks to get started, and finally I finished it on vacation recently.

This book picks up with Jake coming out of medical, having been rebuilt without any framework technology. While he recovers, the crew rebuilds their ship and looks to defend the Haven Shore and nearby systems from the Order of Eden. The book somewhat meanders around as the familiar crew we know gets back together and out in space.

However the book seems a bit unfocused. It jumps around a bit, and really leaves out much about Alice and her time on shore. We see little of Oz, and only a tiny bit of the Order and Clark Patterson. Really, I felt a bit confused, as though this book didn't quite mesh with the previous one. There was a lack of flow.

It might be me as it has been awhile since I read #8. Maybe I'll reread it, but when this one ended, with a note that #10 would be coming, it felt unfinished.

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