Thursday, July 7, 2016

Top Heavy Politics

I saw a friend post a note from someone on Facebook. This notes that the system is top heavy and politicans are treated differently.



I’ll disagree somewhat here. This isn’t about top heavy politics, but power. And this isn’t just about politics, though politics did, I think, help limit the pressure the FBI or AG would put on Senator Clinton.

Instead, this happens all the time. Far too many Law Enforcement officers (though still a rare minority overall) get away with abuse, poor behavior, even murder, because they have presumptive power, and it is hard for the prosecutors that work with police to prosecute them.

Executives in companies get away with sexual harassment, worker abuse with overwork, and more. Even mid level workers get away with their own abuses, protected from upper management fearing some sort of poor press.

We’ve seen churches hide crimes, the same as a criminal mafia or gang might protect their own. We have mothers and fathers hide the mistakes, or serious crimes, of their children.

Power breeds corruption. It’s a human frailty. We protect our own, we overlook transgressions from our own, often far larger than transgressions those we’d condemn others for committing.

It’s sad, but it’s a part of life.

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