Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Sticking with the iPhone

For now. I know the rumors about losing the headphone jack are swirling, and appearing more true each week. We’ll find out in September, but I didn’t wait.

Verizon sent a note out this week that noted they were offering tradein deals again. On my way home from dropping off Kendall, I swung by the store and they appraised my phone at $300. Since I only had $240 left to pay, that seemed like a good deal to me.

I decided to just get an iPhone 6S Plus, the larger version, which kept my payment about the same. The phone, however, is larger. As you can see, it exceeds the size of my hand.


With my eyes getting older, I decided to try the larger phone. I borrowed a few at an event from friends and the phone fits in my pocket. At least, it’s not too bad. Of course, the phone is large. As a comparison, here’s my first iPhone 3.


I like the iPhone upgrade, which has been easy. Restore from backup. I had an iCloud backup, which I started when I got home, but I had to run out, so I think it got stuck after I left Wifi. I did a second restore yesterday, but it appeared to stick as well, so I tried one last one last night, running overnight. I wasn’t sure it worked, but I applied the 9.2.3 update this morning and all my pictures, music, etc. is back.

The phone certainly is easier to see, especially with my aging eyes, but it doesn’t feel crazy large. That’s funny as it’s the size of a Galaxy Note, which I thought was huge a couple years ago while comparing phones.

I’m hoping this one gets me through next year and then I’ll see what’s available then.

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