Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Last iPhone?

Well, the WSJ notes that the iPhone7 will remove the headphone jack. It's not confirmed, but it seems more and more that's the direction they're going.

So decision time. I've been looking at the 6S/6Plus. My phone feels slow, and I'd like a bigger screen. The eyes are struggling here and there. Camera/music have been big for me, and I hated the interruptions and drops on my Galaxy 4 when I took a picture or got a text. Latest builds of Android that Tia and Kendall have don't seem to do that.

I really like the simplicity of the iPhone. I like that most things just work and it responds quickly. However there are things that have annoyed me. First, the add on keyboards, of which I've used Wordflow, Swype, and Swiftkey. All have issues where they don't appear at times. Like when I'm sending a text or tweet and I have a blank lower part of the screen. Or they take 3-5 s to appear.

It's not long, but it's maddening. Shit has to work first, then be full of cool features second. At least for me.

The second thing is that I go through 3-4 pairs of headphones a year. I sweat through them, and carry 2-3 pairs when I travel. I don't want bluetooth only, because charging on the road is hard. I have enough crap to charge.  I love bluetooth, but I also don't want to sweat through $50 headphones 3 times a year.

And no, better headphones don't necessarily last longer. Plenty of "workout" headphones seem to die in a year for many people.

I can't handle a dangle or adapter. I tried some with the lightning -> 30 pin switch and they got lost or didn't work for long. There isn't a durability factor in small electronics like that.

I really think I have two options. Get a 6S and let it last for a couple years, hoping Apple realizes no 3.5mm jack is a huge mistake, or move to Android now. The Galaxy 7 looks awesome, and Tia likes her Nexus.


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