Tuesday, June 7, 2016

No Power

Last night there was quite a thunderstorm. In fact, I had dropped Kendall off at high school for volleyball and gone to Starbucks to work. I was listening to the radio, and the DJs in the tech center said there was a huge storm. Black clouds, people turning on lights at 5:30, and thunder.

I packed up and headed back, since the last time a big storm came, there was a tornado warning and school closed. The storm wasn’t in Elizabeth, and no tornado warnings, but it was coming. As I parked, Delaney texted. We were without power. I tried to talk him through starting the generator as we have a sticky butterfly valve, but he couldn’t start it.

When we got home, I got it started right away, and then showed everyone how to start it this morning. However we were without power for 3-4 hours last night. I got the generator started, but had to cook in the dark. This is me using a flashlight to make pasta.

Photo Jun 06, 7 58 32 PM

Apparently when we wired up the generator and picked circuits, the kitchen lights weren’t included. Neither was the stove or microwave, but since we cook with gas, a lighter solved the issue. With only ten circuits, we had to make choices, and this worked, though it’s annoying. I need to keep an extension cord around to get power from our office into the kitchen.

While I cooked, Delaney said good bye to high school Here he is, burning all his notes from this year. I think this was cathartic for him.

Photo Jun 06, 7 39 18 PM

He snagged a hat from Kyle’s old car before we donated it, and I think he looks great.

Photo Jun 06, 11 45 07 AM

The kids and I ate under candlelight, and about the time we finished, power came back on.

Photo Jun 06, 8 31 31 PM

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