Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Two days in Copenhagen

Not really the two days I wanted. I had hoped to wander a bit Monday, but a slightly delayed flight, and being tired meant  that I didn’t get to the hotel until 6. Then it was a quick run before dinner with speakers.  By the time we finished, I was beat.

Actually I left early, having traveled for a long time from Denver. However I did get up at 6, downstairs at 6:20 to meet a few other people and run along the river.

That was the extent of my tourism. All day in the conference, plus a little work, plus then a party at night. I left early for a quiet dinner, but didn’t have the energy to wander far and search out adventure.

Today was the same. A solo run at 6, then off to the conference as I had the first session. I also had to check out, so with my bags I stayed at the end, leaving at 4:30 and going straight to the airport.

Still, an enjoyable trip, and people were very friendly. Everyone spoke English, and I’d like to come back at some point.

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