Friday, May 13, 2016

Beginning Java

I remember when Java was released as a language. I was working in computers, mostly as a general purpose developer/admin for a small company. At least, I first heard of it then, used to make more complex web animations in the early public/commercial time of the Internet. I learned to write some code, and I thought it interesting, but as I had a day job requiring Microsoft based languages, I didn’t go far.

However I’ve been thinking more about learning Java again. I’d like to teach, especially in schools. I’ve had it in my mind to make a 3-4 year plan to get certified to teach AP computer science, and offer to do so at the local high school. Kendall has three years left, and I’d like to start a plan to fill my time after that. I finally talked to her high school volleyball coach the other day and found out they don’t have AP CS at the high school, which was one of my favorite classes when I was in high school.

So I started down the path today. I went to Pluralsight and took the Java skill assessment. I did better than I thought, since I haven’t really dealt with any Java in nearly 18 years.

2016-05-13 10_54_00-Settings

C# is really a better choice for me in my career, and I need to build skills there. However the languages are similar in that the concepts are the same. They both aim to be portable, object oriented languages. I read some comparisons, like this one, and I think the basics will be similar. The concepts both aimed at producing code at a fairly low level.

Since I have a multi-year plan, and because C# is more useful to me, I’m thinking to start there. I’ve written a little C# to do some work this year, and I’ve started a few courses, but I’m thinking to really build some skill there in the next year and then try Java, and then go for the teaching certificate.

At least, I think that will move me along. I have plans to meet with the Vice Principal at the high school and try to build a way forward. They’re just plans, but I think once school ends, I might see if I can talk with him about how I can go about getting a job to teach one class at the high school in a few years.

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