Friday, May 13, 2016

The Bathroom Question

It seems that there’s been this huge debate about bathrooms and transgender people in the US. I think it’s somewhat silly, and also I do think that people should be able to use the restroom with the gender they identify with. Any concerns over boys identifying as girls today and not tomorrow is overblown. If you claim that, you’re a pervert, a frat boy, and certainly a liar. I can’t imagine any court or administrator thinking it’s OK to change for a day, or even today without making lots of alterations in your life.

I was in Copenhagen last week and saw this:

Photo May 04, 3 51 31 AM

In a public movie theater, there are 6 or 8 stalls in here. Generic for boys or girls, women or men.

I’ve been to saunas and pools in Europe, where men and women walked in naked. Together.

If they don’t have a big problem with it, why do we? I know cultures are different, but this feels like a play by conservative GOP people to make waves over a relatively simple change. Don’t allow discrimination, including to LGBT people. However the strong concern and complaints are an effort at fearmongering by conservatives, at least to me.

It’s silly. Live and let live.

I can’t see this being a problem in lower schools (elementary). In middle/high school, there will be some issues, but we have some now. I certainly can’t see dangers from teachers that don’t exist now.

In college, the same.

This whole debate seems silly to me.

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