Monday, April 18, 2016

Snowy Spring Weekend

I was in Phoenix Friday and Saturday. When I left, it was cooling off, but still light jacket weather. In Phoenix, it was warm.

Photo Apr 16, 9 44 55 AM

However a blizzard hit on Saturday, and plenty of flights were cancelled by a few airlines. I think this was really pro-active to save money somehow, but I was watching things all day. I ended up getting my flight at 8pm, and it landed around 11:30, no real issues. A fairly smooth flight overall.

However it was cold.

Photo Apr 16, 11 09 57 PM

I was in short sleeves and had to dig out my jacket when I got back. I’d been in touch with Tia, and she said there was well over a foot at the house. In fact, she wasn’t sure she’d be able to dig out to get Kendall to volleyball.

I’d booked a hotel up in Fort Collins, to make things easier. Tia didn’t go, but since it was late, and I didn’t want to leave my car on the road, get stuck, or hike a mile in non-snow shoes, I drove up to Fort Collins. It was slightly longer than going home, and there was less snow for sure, but it was hard. A blizzard that had me doing 35-40 on the highway.

I made it around 1:30 and went to sleep. Things melted off on Sunday, and we made it home Sunday night, seeing both the Prius and Tia’s truck stuck in the driveway, thanks to our boys.

Worried about school this am, I was up at 6, and out plowing.

Photo Apr 18, 7 44 31 AM

Photo Apr 18, 7 44 33 AM

I managed to get up and down the driveway a few times before Delaney drove out with no issues.

I took a break, but then helped Tia get the cars out at lunch.

Photo Apr 18, 12 31 48 PM

Photo Apr 18, 12 31 53 PM

Finally, I took 10 minutes and shoveled out the walk.

Photo Apr 18, 12 54 33 PM

Maybe 15 minutes.

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