Thursday, April 14, 2016

60 for 24

Last night was the end of the NBA regular season, with two big events. The Warriors, going for 73 (they made it) and Kobe Bryant’s last game. The Lakers won’t make the playoff, so this was it for 24, a guy whose entire career I’ve watched and been amazed by. Not all good, and not necessarily always a good guy, but always exciting.

Yesterday as I listened to people talk about both events, I wondered which would be more important. Certainly people were split on what to watch, but an easy one for me. Kobe.

I did turn on the game, watching into the third quarter, and was excited to see him get going after an 0-4 start, and then hit 5 in a row, including some that reminded me of his greatness. It was nice to see him get to 30 around halftime, and then I feel asleep. I wasn’t sure if he’d get 40, but I was amazed to wake up and see he got 60.


Few players in the NBA have scored 60. In fact, it’s been done 64 times, with Wilt having 32, and Kobe 6.

I’m not completely surprised. He’s a great shooter, despite his issues this season, and the rest of the team was feeding him, giving him chances on almost every possession. He ended up with 50 shots, an incredible number.

Quite the end to an amazing career, and he’ll be missed. I also wonder what will happen with the Lakers. I expect it will be a few years before they really get to the playoffs again.

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