Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Completed the Rowing Challenge

 I joined the American Cancer Society January 62,000m Rowing Challenge this month, and today I completed the challenge. I logged my effort, and created a Power BI report to track my efforts. You can see it here: https://app.powerbi.com/view?r=eyJrIjoiODZmNTEyYjYtMTZlNy00ZDVlLTg2MWQtNTA3N2YzYzgwZDNkIiwidCI6IjIzN2RhMDYxLTRmNzctNDc4Mi04ZjU1LTk0MGYxOGI5NjJmNCIsImMiOjF9&pageName=ReportSection

Not the prettiest report, but it kept me motivated, by having me track against a goal.

The dark blue was the goal of 2k per day of rowing, which is about 8:30minutes for me. The light blue line was the actual distance for me by day. With some travel days, there some horizontal sections where I didn't row.

I tried to aim for 10 minutes where I could, and despite a slow start, I kept above the goal, and as of today, I'm quite a ways ahead.

We're out of town from Sun to the end of the month, so I have 4 more days to add to the total, hopefully getting to 70K.


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