Monday, April 12, 2021

Reminding Myself of Life During COVID - Day 397

It felt like volleyball yesterday. 

A loud gym, 4 courts in use, some parents, but as I ref'd, I noticed it was confusing to me and girls about which whistle was ours or another court. It was hard to hear, and hard to talk. Even the kids noticed it.

I enjoyed it, although with masks, it's still hard to communicate. There are limited parents in attendance, and no food. It's strange, but less so with a little more excitement. However, we still only have pool play, no crossover, and less bonding.

I still hate masks, it's getting annoying to wear them for 6-7 hours, but I'm glad I can do things.

First Travel

Speaking of which, since the last update, we went to Philadelphia for a tournament. That was strange. We packed up and headed to the airport. No valet parking, and they packed the bus at Wally Park. That should have been a clue. The airport when smooth, though the security line was packed, the train was packed, and the plane was packed. Completely full.

We wore our masks, and while I got free bags and CLEAR still worked, we got a tiny bottle of water and two snacks in a bag. Didn't try for alcohol, but our 1K free stuff wasn't available. On the positive side , our late Sunday flight was upgraded and we got drinks and a snack box. The lady kept the tiny bottles of wine coming, and I was slightly worried about driving. I had less than Tia.

Philly was interesting. In the city, everyone wears masks, even walking around outside. Only a few didn't, so we wore them walking to and from. The "tight restrictions" at the tournament failed quickly. We didn't have to enter together, they barely checked us, and we managed to get extra parents in with our ticket allotment.

The courts were strangely spaced out. As in, the halls were separated, with 4 separate entrances. There were only 6-7 courts in a space where I'd expect Philly to have 12-15. Crossroads would have had 20+. Eerily quiet, though the team broke up and finished 29/79. A good trip.


Work is work. I'm less thrilled with everything there, and I do feel a bit disengaged. However, I'm trying to find ways to keep going and being honest on surveys. No real changes from us yet, but I do have some people thinking they will get to live events for SQL Saturday or other things this year.


The US is kicking ass, as in 3mm a day. And my first shot. We cleared the 2 weeks post Shingles yesterday, but 2 days ago my sister in law told Tia to look at the downtown Ball Arena (Pepsi Center) site and we got appointments. We went this morning with Kyle, a drive through, slow process, but we got the shot

So far a sore arm, and hoping that's all I get.


Other than that, life is about the same. We're busy, the gym is open, albeit back down to 15 in the yoga room, which is maddening. Everything just chugs along. We hit a few restaurants, but mostly we are just going day to day, the same thing.

On the positive side, Kyle came back early, so feels like we're getting back to a more normal life, with someone else around some of the time.


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