Monday, August 31, 2020

Reminding Myself of life under COVID - Day 173

 Things are weirdly getting back to mostly normal for me. At least, as normal as we can be.

We coached volleyball this weekend, the first tournament of this season, which just might be the longest season ever. After a practice and a positional training, we had entered a high school tournament, which was going on with no high schools. Our club, sent a number of teams, and we were one. Tia and I drove up Fri night, getting a hotel nearby.

That was both comforting and strange. An almost deserted hotel, which is almost always bustling when we go for tournaments (Crossroads Dr/Event Center in Windsor). We had to wear masks, and we could get a drink, but all drinks were in plastic cups and food in to-go containers. Waiters in masks , and they closed down at 9.

The tournament was trying to keep teams separate, so of the 4 courts (3 on each end of the building), they kept the middle one free, had people enter from the sides of the building and exit the main door. We also had to leave the building after our match, letting 8 other teams in. The weather was fine, so it worked out, but with masks on all the time, even for players, and things spread out, it was both familiar and strange.

In any case, it was good to be back coaching and dealing with kids.

Sunday was a black belt award ceremony for one of my former players. She'd asked me to write a recommendation letter, and I did, so I felt I should go watch. They held it outside, students spread out across a football field. Apparently they often do this in the mountains, testing outside and awarding inside, but they can't this year. Still, it was a touch or normalcy, and I saw with her parents, no masks outside, and it felt good. Of course, it was ninja like to see all students wearing masks.

This last week was hectic with work, with multiple online things, which had the feeling of being busy for events. I still don't love the online delivery, but it is becoming slightly more comfortable. I am hoping we can get back to something in 2021, but I wonder. Football is moving at the college level, a few colleges have had breakouts, but the national news isn't reporting big issues, so hopefully things go well.

My middle kid has college starting, with almost everything online. One class was in person, with half the class going each week. He doesn't like the format, as the class isn't a lecture. The prof records lectures and runs the class like a recitation. I agree, not a great format. Still, he knows he's almost done, so he's plowing ahead.

The girls we coach are in school a couple days a week, a couple online. It's not too bad with good weather and the start of school, and I hope they cope with this through the fall. Also hoping no major issues and schools try to open all week in the spring.

The rest of life is mostly normal, with me going to 2 outside yoga classes last week, 2 swims (because of the weather) and a lifting session. A busy week. The election is making life more contentious, and I certainly see more complaining about masks, but more compliance locally, which I think is the best way to handle things.

My brother just got out of quarantine, with his whole family getting COVID, but they're young, and healthy. It was a flu to them, which is good to know.

No travel, and it's been busy at the end of the summer, so mostly things have felt normal, but the lack of changing environments is hard. I haven't been on a plane since Feb, and I'm ready to go back. The economy doesn't seem to be picking up overall, and I'm worried that we'll start to have bigger issues in the fall as evictons take place,  and lots of layoffs come as government money runs out.

Fingers crossed we find some way to lessen the impact to a large number of people.

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