Thursday, October 10, 2019

Ready for Winter

As a kid growing up in Virginia, summer was cutting grass, maybe fertilizer, but really grass just grew and we cut it. Winter was wet and cold, but beyond wearing more clothes and locking windows, we didn't do much.

Life has changed. A couple days ago, I had to winterize the trailer. Snow forecast this week, and falling today, so after work and hitting the gym, at 9pm, I was out there draining the water and filling pipes with anti-freeze. It's not hard, but it is something that needs to be done.

Then yesterday, I was out in 76F weather, t-shirt and shorts, blowing out sprinklers. The new compressor helps, but it's still slow. A lot of pipe and water needs to move to be ready.

I finished and went in to cook on a nice evening. In less than an hour, things changed. When Kyle came in, the wind was howling.

Today, I'm glad. This is from a few minutes ago:

Winter is preparation here. I still need to switch to winter tires sometime, though likely not for a month or so. That's most of it, and certainly need to be sure hats and coats are handy in cars and for travel.

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