Sunday, October 6, 2019

Luck and Life

Coming out of the National Civil Rights Museum, after spending time staring at the spot with Dr. King was literally assassinated, I'm struggling to listen to a white gentleman in Houston complain that his tea isn't sweet, and he has to add sugar to it.

I know these things aren't really related, and the gentleman in question isn't mad, just observing, but I also think about how easy myself, and many others have it in the US. And how much others struggle to just live their lives.

I suspect most people I know here are blessed in ways they often don't think about, and they are lucky in ways they don't often consider.

I count my blessings often, remembering that but for some strokes of luck (timing, birth place, gender, genetics, parents, teachers, coaches, and more), I could have had struggles in life.

Ultimately, my life is amazing. I have no problems. Annoyances and minor challenges, but no real problems. I hope many of you understand just how luck you are.

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