Saturday, June 17, 2017

Limping Along

I pulled, or likely tore, a calf muscle a couple weeks ago. It happened in a Tabata class and since then I’ve been trying to take it easy. A little biking, more swimming,  limited yoga work.

Last weekend I went for a run on the beach in LA. Not the best decision, but I rarely get to the ocean and I miss those times. It pulled and hurt, and I ended up kind of limping down the beach, not really using my left leg, just rolling through it.

Today was the Denver Pride 5k, and I wanted to do it to support Kyle. He was going to run with me, and  while I should likely have taken a few more weeks off, I decided to try. Not 1/4 mile in, I could feel it tight and painful, so I ended up just doing the same thing as on the beach. Limping a bit, trying not to use my left leg.

I finished, a slow 40:15, and felt like an old man the entire time, moving slow, getting past walkers, but decent joggers overtaking me.

Still, glad to be there with Kyle, and it was worth it. Now I worry about actually being able to run in July. I’m guessing I need to push back to July 22ish for the next 5k and rest as much as I can.

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