Thursday, June 1, 2017

Dried Out by Lightning

Tia will be glad I got out of the pool quickly. She doesn’t like lightning and while I’m not too scared, I have a healthy respect. Lots of deaths every year in Colorado from nature’s electricity.

It’s been an interesting workout week, and I hope I get more like this. Though I’d like to add in more yoga. Looking back to last Saturday, I ran a 5k, which was tough. Here’s the workout week

  • Saturday – 5k
  • Sunday – off, though on feet at the horse show most of the day (> 10k steps)
  • Monday – Upper body weights
  • Tuesday – Tabata
  • Wednesday – Lower body weights
  • Thursday – Swim
  • Friday – that’s tomorrow, so hoping to get to yoga.

A good week, and I almost didn’t swim as I could see clouds, but needed cardio and since I tweaked a calf at Tabata, I didn’t want to run/bike. So I went down, struggled through 18 laps, working in groups of 3 (150y each). I am definitely out of shape with the swimming, and tonight my shoulder aches a bit.

I was halfway through lap 19, aiming to stop at 20, when the lifeguard dropped a float in front of me. I stopped and she told me lightning was in the area, so the pool closed.


At least I got an outdoor swim, and it was close enough to the goal.


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