Monday, March 25, 2024

A Big Win

 Yesterday was the first USAV RMR win for our volleyball team. We've been hoping that the team would win a pin at one of the 6 local tournaments we compete in and they finally did.

You can see the final point here, which was very exciting:

The team was going back and forth with their opponent, going ahead 13-12, then down 13-14, then getting up 15-14 before that point. The girl who was supposed to serve didn't want to and walked over to sub out. This young lady went over there and served a tough ball that the other team didn't handle.

We finally exceeded our start ranking. We were ranked 21 to start, but opened with a tournament against 14s where we struggled. We dropped into the 40s, but are back to 17. Very proud of these kids and all their hard work.

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