Monday, January 8, 2024

Looking forward to 2024

 Last year was a tough one for me. Only with travel. It was a fun year in many ways, and I really enjoyed things, but it wore me out.

At the end of the year, United sent me a note saying I'd had 32 trips with them, but I know I had at least 2 SouthWest trips as well for volleyball.  That was a lot, and I'm being careful about 2024. Already I let business colleagues know I am skipping a conference in March. I don't know that anyone cares, but I've had a few people ask if I was going, and I am often there, so I thought I'd just set expectations.

(plus show I am managing my health a bit).

As I look forward to 2024, I was thinking to really slow down. My intention was to not do much in Q1, and I'm not doing "much", but I ended up with more trips than expected. I had been accepted to a conference in Jan and was going to pull out, but my company is sponsoring and neither of my colleagues was accepted, so I stayed in. Plus, it's a good (short) trip where my wife can come and we can enjoy a couple days in Austin.

However, I also ended up with another work trip to Austin in Jan for our sales kickoff. I was going to skip,but they aren't recording/streaming and this is a big part of my 2024 job.

So, my schedule for 2024 so far, which is surprising, is:

  • Jan - Austin (tentative quick trip)
  • Jan - Austin
  • Jan - Austin/Round Rock
  • Feb - Greeley (overnight volleyball)
  • Feb - San Jose
  • Mar - Denver (overnight volleyball)
  • Mar - Atlanta
  • April - Salt Lake City (volleyball)
  • April - London
  • April/May - Sydney
  • May - New York
  • June - London

As it is, I think this is likely plenty for me for now. It's more than expected, and while it's not a ton of trips, it's 12 in 6 months, a few of them long.

I don't know what H2 will bring, but I'm being very hesitant about committing to too many more trips than this.

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