Thursday, September 9, 2021

The End of TV

 We cancelled our Dish service a few days ago. This is the first time we haven't had a satellite/cable service in decades, but as we re-evaluate costs, and thought about how much we watch TV, we realized that we didn't watch Dish very much. There are a few shows I track, and some sports, but we can get those elsewhere. Mostly we watch Netflix/Amazon, and so paying $110/mo for Dish didn't make sense.

This will be an interesting transition as we look to see how we consume media. I'm especially interested in how this changes my football watching, which is semi-regular, but not fanatical. The ability to get games from somewhere, perhaps even on demand hours or days later, is very attractive to me. So far, I've been thinking about GP, which gives me condensed games, which suits my life. I enjoy the games, but the delays and commercials grate on my when I've got lots of other stuff to do. 

We had also added a few other channels during the pandemic, and I cancelled those, so we're saving $150/mo, and I'm not sure it's impacting our lives much. Even if I pay $100 for GP, that's quite a savings to go towards the new car.

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