Monday, June 14, 2021

Chore Sunday

 Chore Day 2 went better. A bit.

I had to take my daughter to the airport, and then a trip to Home Depot to get a propane torch and a new valve.

I get home, and my son and I try to desolder the sprinkler pipe. It didn't go so well. We should have tried MAPP, but I was worried about the heat and speed of things. In any case, while he heated the pipes, I tried to gently tap them loose. I wasn't gentle enough.


I bent the elbow, needing another trip to the hardware store. Especially after we cut loose the pipe and realized I'd bought a valve without a drain.
Minor @#$%$#@

I go back and get parts. We use some slip on  connectors, with a release tool. We practiced a bit and then went to fix the setup.


For the most part this went smooth.  We cut copper pipe (which got really hot from the hacksaw) and then assembled things. We had to pull it apart a few times for leaks and add extra pipe tape, but we ended up with a non-leaky sprinkler system. I haven't checked today, but that went well.

I also managed to get 2 new lug nuts from the auto parts store, so I put the rounded one in the tire and could drive my car. The other is a spare.

Then I managed to cut some grass by hand, with light rain on my head before practice.

Once again, not as productive as I would have liked, but I did move forward. Now to race through more chores this week before we leave town next week.

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