Friday, May 7, 2021

Climbing the Incline

 We went to the Parker incline last night, actually the Reuter-Hess incline, for a little volleyball work. Tia and I decided the girls need more work, even as we close out the season. We're trying to prepare them for next year, and our last three tournaments, so when there was no court time available, we did conditioning at the trail.

We met everyone and started hiking. Lots of complaints from these 15 year olds, but they hiked. Some had fun walking up the stairs, some just went up.


We did a few yoga poses at top and then walked down, which was a nice view of Parker in the distance.

A few smiles.

I took my own break and got a shop of the few that were slower than me.

After we did some small space running and stretching, to plenty of complaints, but everyone participated and got some work done. 

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