Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Reminding Myself What Life was Like Under COVID - Day 371

 It's been over a year. I wanted to write this on the year later, but last week was busy here. Vacation the week before, and then a hectic time with work and storm prep. Fourth largest snowstorm in Denver history, and the biggest since the 2003 one.

In any case.

A Real Vacation

I still haven't flown anywhere, but Tia and I decided to do something different a few weeks ago. Our ski passes have a few days at Crested Butte, so we booked hotels and took a few days to drive down and get away. A new place, for the first time since the lockdown for us started on Mar 11, 2020. Fantastic to get away, restaurants were open, and we enjoyed life, albeit with masks.

Streaming Is Strange

Last night I bought the streaming package for the local high schools for a month. Some of the girls I coach, or have coached, as playing high school ball, but only 1-2 people per athlete, pre-named, are allowed in. While some parents might let me see a game, I hate to ask. I wouldn't give up the chance to see my daughter play and wouldn't ask them.

So, while I was finishing up some work, I had varsity and sophomore high school VB streaming. I saw a kid I coached a few years ago playing, and was sad by the lack of opportunity to see her live. This young lady is the only one I've gone to see play live in HS, in 2019, and I miss a few minutes seeing her play and chatting. I also saw a kid I coached last year, improved and having fun on the court.

Streaming was a thing for me in 2019 with my daughter in college. I've missed some games and watched video, but I've always had the opportunity, and it's strange to not be able to go support kids I coach or know. A friend has her daughter (senior, 18s) in Crossroads this weekend.

At Norco.

No spectators.

Ugh. At least we're still moving forward. We practice once a week, with high school in season, and we got an update the our Philly NE Qualifier is moving forward. Our last power can postponed, but that was weather.


We have gone out a few more times, including dinner with another couple. Places are getting busier, which I think is a sign that people are getting more comfortable. We've seen more choices in menu, and more people in places.

In Crested Butte, we ate out often, and all the places required masks, but you could take them off. I even stopped in a bar while Tia was getting boots. There wasn't anywhere to sit, but the let me stand in the bar area, sipping a beer, with my mask. I'd raise it to drink ,but then keep it on.


I bought more masks, mostly to have a few more spares. I've tried different ones, and I find the BoCo ones to be the most comfortable most of the time. I have a mesh-ish one, with filters, and I use it at the gym, but under stress, all of them suck.

I realized I'm a little more claustrophobic than I thought. In Yoga, or cycling, when I'm working hard, I get a little panicked when I can't easily breathe, and I can't with any of the masks. I really start to gate them sometimes, and they're annoying.

It's gotten worse as yoga moved back to the studio, so down to 15 again, with a hotter, smaller space. I still like the classes, but I'm not liking the masks.


No changes here. The UK is vaccinating quickly, and perhaps thinking to remove restrictions by July. We'll see, but I heard they have 1/2 of all adults with 1 shot, so really a 1/4 of the way there. That's not bad. There's a chance I could go back to the UK this year, but not if people won't go to the office. So far, not many want to go. Had a meeting with someone there a couple days ago, said 2 people in the building.

No events planned, but a hybrid one for Sofia tentatively in Oct. An outside chance we'll see something this year, but mostly I think we might punt until 2022.

I have been thinking to see if the local user group will do a live meeting in May or June. Have to think if I have time to push.

Still looking forward to traveling in a few weeks and the experience. But also realizing that we have six more months of this, at least. Seems like I've felt that way for over a year now.

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