Monday, October 12, 2020

Reminding Myself of What Life under COVID is like - Day 215

 It's been a wild week, and the big memory from this week is a COVDI-19 test.

Last week, I got a text from my wife's employee that her daughter was feeling sick, and should see come to work? After talking with my wife, she came, but with a mask. I don't think I saw her Tuesday, and couldn't remember if I saw her Monday. I did see her Wed and Thur, but outside.

However, in the afternoon, she called back and her daughter tested positive for COVID. I didn't think too much, but my wife reminded me that me feeling fine doesn't necessarily mean that I'm not sick or contagious. 

So, I had to call and get someone else to cover practice, wear a mask, and then stop going to the store. I wasn't well prepared, and I had ordered food, so I drove to town to pick up dinner, wore a mask and didn't touch anything, and then came home.

The next few days were a mini-quarantine. My wife and daughter got home late Tuesday, but my wife stayed in the trailer (camper), while I slept alone. We spent Wednesday and Thursday like that, staying apart and me living on my own while they came and went from the house and common areas. It was a very weird time.

Friday morning I went to get a test, wanting to let a few days elapse to see if I would develop symptoms. I don't think I did, but it was a smoky, dry week. My throat was dry, it was starting to get cold at nights, which always gets my nose running slightly. I am mostly sure that everything was related to allergies and weather, and very minor, but I kept feeling sicker than I was. Every little thing had me concerned, even as I was positive I hadn't really been exposed in a meaningful way.

The test was weird, and quick. A push with a qtip through my nose into the sinuses, and as I was briefly surprised, thinking something was tickling my throat, the PA pulled it out and popped into into the other nostril. My ears popped and then I was done. It's 2-3 sec, uncomfortable, but not that bad.

Negative, so I hit the store, and was careful, but bought some things to cook.

I felt fine over the weekend, and went back to life, coaching, but leaving the mask on, and doing chores. I didn't get to the gym, but am going back now, as I feel fine.

This, as the White House became the source of a super spreader event, and I kept thinking, I feel fine, but I could spread things if I am not careful. Being lax with precautions is an issue, especially when you've had some potential exposure.

A wild week that created stress, anxiety, annoyance, and frustration. I did get to practice yoga a couple times outside, and life was slower, but I'd prefer the hectic life I normally have.


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