Monday, September 7, 2020

The Growth of A Child

 All my kids impress me. Their actions, choices, the way they see the world and engage in life is amazing. They are all different, and they all still teach me things.

It's always interesting to see how they adopt habits, actions, and even interests from my wife and me. Over the last six months or so, our middle kid has been cooking a lot. He lives with a friend on the North side of Denver, but he shares an Amazon account with the family. As a result, I see his orders come through in email.

The things that are fascinating to me are how many cooking things he's gotten this year. Little tools, appliances, or gadgets to allow him to more easily make things. He's more experimental than I,, but he seems to enjoy cooking, sending me cooking pics periodically of things he's made.

A neat thing that I get to watch from a distance.

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