Friday, December 13, 2019

Surreal Travel

This is a strange trip for me. I've flown to Europe many times, but often it's a one or two plane trip to Heathrow and then one plane to another place (Dublin, Oslo, etc.). This time, it's a 4 plane trip, as I make my way to a new city, Ljubljana.

Actually, a new country, and I'm a little excited to go. Sorry, Tia isn't with me, but Kendall is coming home and having surgery, so this is a solo trip. Quick, only two days there (or less), but still, be nice to share this with my wife.

It's a weird trip. I had an early flight out of Denver, 11:00am, which resulted in 4 hours in Newark. I was a little worried about making it over with the connections, so I allowed myself more time and flights. There was a later DEN-EWR, and a later EWR-LHR that would work. Fortunately, no real issues.

However, leaving that early was really up, shower and pack, and then at the airport. A few minutes before boarding and in coach, so no real work. I read and listened to music, which was somewhat relaxing, but I felt the day was slipping by. In Newark, it was dark when I landed and made it to the lounge, where I worked a bit, but it felt like night. A strange feeling in my head, which made me not very productive.

From there, I mostly slept, skipping dinner on the plane, and then woke up to watch half of a movie, eat breakfast, and land.

Now in the LHR lounge, working a bit, but about to head to a flight, so even now I'm getting little done before on the move again. I'm sure it will feel the same in FRA as I have to just change flights.

Feels like I've lost a day, way more than when I went to Sydney.

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