Thursday, October 11, 2018

Change is Good

Sometimes a little change, a little different routine is really good.

I take yoga a few times a week, and I enjoy it at home. I've been going to the local gym for 3-4 years, taking classes, and have gotten to know various teachers. Some I like, some I tolerate, but I get used to how they teach and the flow of the class. Most aren't easy, but I flow through the hour or so without a huge strain.

Today I've been working in a hotel in NYC all day. It's been ok, but I'm in a 15x15 ft space, at a small desk, working along with a view of a slightly taller than my 20story building next door. In the afternoon, I decided to take a break and workout.

My choice was to find some yoga in NYC. It can be hard to find a studio with a schedule that works when I travel, but I thought I'd have a good chance here. I was right, with a studio that was about 4 blocks away, cheap ($8) and had a good schedule. It said hot, and it was.

I went early, needing to get cash and not sure of the process to get signed up. It was easy, shake hands, hand over $12 (mat and towel added) and go into the studio. The young lady asked me if I'd practiced in heat, and I said yes. After all, the classes at home get crowded and hot.

Not this hot. I took off my shirt, feeling the heat right away. I was in the front left, and there was an angled down heater in the ceiling blowing hot air. In the 15 minutes before class, I was sweating a bit and as we moved, I sweated a lot. Down dog was mostly eyes closed with sweat dripping.

The class was slow, which I like. The practice at home almost becomes aerobic with pose to pose, and this was holding for a few breaths. It was hot, and I could feel my energy sapping at times. I mostly just went through class, but I needed a few  breaks to wipe sweat and drink water.

It was a great break, especially after a few days of traveling and limited time to work out. Now, back to the grind.

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